Dedicated to changing the way kids eat!

you don't have to be vegan to eat good food




Cookin’ Kiddos is a community-based program offering a variety of services in the comfort of your own home, including birthday parties, family dinner nights, and classes. We have a class for every age group, including toddlers, teens, and adults! Our classes teach kids and adults to explore the unknown. We encourage tasting, experimenting and cooking with healthy seasonal produce. Whether or not your family is Vegetarian or Vegan, we prioritize veggies, and encourage the use of plant-based proteins and whole grains to round out wholesome meals. Cooking with local, seasonal ingredients is something we focus on. It celebrates where you live, allows you to meet your farmers at the market, and helps you eat a wider range of fruits and vegetables. At Cookin’Kiddos we strongly believe in “Eat to Live” not “Live to Eat”. Let Cookin’Kiddos help bring that Philosophy to life.

Image by Hermes Rivera



I want kids to have real knowledge about food and what they're eating. If they learn about healthy eating at a young age we'll see our youth leading healthy and delicious lifestyles for generations to come.

~ Sandra Maestas,

Creator & Founder