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Cookin’Kiddos is a plant-based food company dedicated to changing the way kids eat. Not only do we teach children and their families how to cook plant- based meals, we also provide schools with healthy plant- based snacks, lunches, and catering services for large events. Each meal is prepared onsite or at a facility. All fresh organic produce, and whole wheat grains. The menus are based on seasonal ingredients, incorporating the concept of “farm to table” into packaged snacks, lunches, or event platters for children.


Every component is prepared by our own two hands, from the sauces to the baked goods to our own granola, to our hummus and pita chips. Now you can feed your child without worrying about their nutrition! All of our meals are preservative free, balanced and nutritious. No item is fried but rather baked to eliminate unhealthy fats. All this and our meals are kid-friendly! We strive to keep our dishes simple yet still appealing to kiddos.


Making sure that they are receiving the proper nutrients and enjoying their food is our goal. A healthy meal means healthy kiddos. We will strive to provide nothing but the best local and fresh ingredients for each meal we provide schools and your child.

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In Home Plant-Based Cooking Parties.

Tired of the same old birthday party ideas for your kiddos? Why not get them in the kitchen instead? Children love getting their hands dirty and take pride in making their own food. Cookin’Kiddos cooking parties focus on healthy delicious plant-based foods all while being hands on and having a great time. We provide all organic ingredients and clean up after. All you provide is the kitchen and the chefs.

Young Chef Cooking Party: (Ages 5-11 )

Getting kiddos into the kitchen at an early age increases their confidence. During our Young Chefs class, we will teach fundamental cooking techniques, measure, mix, chopping, and kitchen safety all while creating something amazing that will be enjoyed at the end.

10 Chefs Minimum. 2 Hour Party @ $ 450.00

Option 1:

Kneading Pizza

Each Young Chef will get to knead their own pizza dough* to roll and create their own personal pizza with fresh herbs and veggies for toppings. They will also make their own pizza sauce.

During the cooking party, we will talk about different fruits and vegetables in season and learn about how they support our bodies.

*Pre-made dough

Option 2:

Juice It Up

Each Young Chef will get to make their very own fresh juice, milk and or smoothie. We will use local and seasonal fruits and vegetables to create yummy juices and smoothies without the added sugar. We will use different nuts and oats to make our own non-dairy milks. Young Chefs will get a mason jar to take home one of their creations, while they sip and create other treats.

Teen Chef Cooking Party: (Ages 12-17)

Getting Teens into the kitchen and keeping them interested increases their confidence. During our Teen Chefs class, we will teach fundamental cooking techniques, measure, mix, chopping, and kitchen safety all while creating something amazing that will be enjoyed at the end.

10 Chefs Minimum. 2 Hour Party @ $550.00

Option 1:

Pizza, Salad, & Cupcakes

Your Teen chefs and their friends will create a delicious plant-based meal including fresh pizza and salad. They will then decorate and enjoy vegan cupcakes afterwards.

Choice of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate icing and assorted sprinkles.

Option 2:

Mamma Mia it's Pasta time.

Teen Chefs will create two different pasta sauces to go along with two pasta options of their choice. We will make dressing and/or vinaigrette to go with a kale or mixed greens salad and fabric bread. 

 What meal isn't complete without dessert? Chefs will make a fresh non-dairy ice cream in either Strawberry, Mango, or Chocolate flavors. Each Teen Chef will get to bottle and take home their choice of homemade pasta sauce.

Batter UP! Baking Party: (Ages 7 - 17)

Have a Chef wanting to learn how to bake? Want to learn the ins and outs of baking while creating something yummy and using plant-based ingredients? Chefs can choose between Cookie Dough, Cupcakes, or Brownies. Chefs will feast on their creations and take home a dough of choice.

10 Chefs Minimum. 2 Hour Party @ $600.00

Option 1:

Cupcake Batter

Funetti Cupcakes with choice of chocolate or vanilla icing.

Chefs will then be able to decorate with sprinkles and or hand cut fondant pieces.

Option 2:

Brownie Batter

Chefs will create plant-based brownie versions of Oreo, Peanut Butter and

or Classic Chocolate Chip.

Option 3:

Cookie Batter

Chefs will recreate traditional favorites into a plant-based version of either Chocolate Chip, Snicker-doodle, or Chocolate Chip Oatmeal.

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