Cookin' Kiddos

Kids Virtual Cookin' Classes

Virtual Cooking = Hands-on + Delicious + Fun!

We are temporarily closed for in-person classes, private classes, and birthday parties due to the ongoing pandemic. We intend to resume our in-person and all our other classes as soon as we can by the local health & safety guidelines. Please stay tuned for more info.


In the meantime, we have a full schedule of Winter Camp, and after school classes. Trust us, virtual cooking is way more fun than you might think! We hope you can join us.

We have a full line-up of virtual cooking classes for kids, teens and families. With interactive instruction from our skilled instructor, young chefs get to chop, mix, and roll their way to a different delicious dish in each class with plenty to share with the family! Kids learn valuable culinary skills and new recipes, enjoy a fun hands-on activity, and are inspired to expand their taste buds to discover that "real food" is truly good. 

  • Interactive and engaging with small class sizes on Zoom platform

  • Skilled & engaging instructor

  • Delicious vegan recipes (with modifications available for allergies/dietary restrictions)

  • Recipes + ingredient/equipment lists provided in advance

*All class times are in US Pacific Time. Siblings or family members in the same household can participate on a shared screen. All virtual class registrations are nonrefundable.

**Note about adult supervision/participation: These classes involve real-life cooking (with tools, heat, etc.), so parent/caregiver involvement is necessary. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of supervision and assistance that your child needs. 

  • Virtual Cooking Classes are $15 an hour* per class. 

    • *Non-refundable​


We teach kids & families how to cook. We do it because cooking is fun, and a valuable life skill that is getting harder to come by. We do it because “real food” is important to have and we need it for a healthy mind which leads to a healthy body. We do it because the best way to get kids loving real food is to get them in the kitchen measuring, mixing, chopping, touching, smelling, and tasting.

We do it because we believe real change happens one bite at a time.


"Sign your child  up for a cooking class!  My children are hooked!  Not only does Sandra teach the children cooking and baking, but she also teaches kitchen safety and knife (cutting) skills.  My 10 year old son has taken cooking classes with Sandra for about 6 months, and my 14 year old daughter has taken classes for about 4 months.  They both love the classes and have learned so much!  One of my  favorite parts is that she insists that cleaning is part of cooking!  My other favorite part is the food!  Wow!  They make delicious dinners, desserts, and even sometimes breakfasts.  I love that my children have tried many new foods during this class, and have gotten better at following directions, and at measuring ingredients.  Sandra is vegan, so all recipes can be vegan if you choose to make them that way, but you are welcome to substitute your choice of ingredients.  We love Sandra because she is knowledgeable, patient, and kind.  I love that I can sign up for classes week by week.  Try this!  You won’t be disappointed!"

- Sheryl

"I highly recommend Sandra Maestas online cooking classes!  My 7 year old daughter has been taking them since June and truly loves it!  Every dish or dessert has been delicious, creative, and diverse!  Her classes have been such a confidence builder and a great way for kids to get kitchen skills while they learn to cook and bake.  Sandra has so much warmth, patience and kindness and is fun and encouraging with the kids.  Her passion has helped my daughter find her own passion in cooking and become quite the little chef.  Thank You Sandra!!"

- Claudia


Below are a few complimentary Cookin' Kiddos Recipes I'd like to share with you!



An Easy and Refreshing Snack That Anyone Can Make.


Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

Easy, Versatile Family

Friendly Recipe.

Cilantro Sun-dried Tomato Hummus Pesto Pasta

Rich, Bold Flavors for The Whole Family.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Rich, Decadent

Chocolatey Goodness.