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Do you want a Cooking Program for your School?

At Cookin’Kiddos we believe that learning to cook gives children the ability to eat, and want to eat healthier for the rest of their lives! Kiddos will be actively involved during our fun and empowering class as they make delicious, plant-based meals. They will make meals they would never think they could, all while acquiring tools that will help them in school and throughout life.


Our mission with Cookin’Kiddos is to build long lasting memories that will help your child develop solid core values around food, and the importance of healthy choices. Sign up your kiddos: Aprons are limited! Download our info sheet below:

  • Where are school classes located?

Classes are held within different schools as an "Enrichment Class". If you would like to have Cookin' Kiddos at your school, please suggest that your school get in contact with us!

  • Does my child have to be vegan to join?

We aren't here to convert anyone, we are here to encourage a love for healthy foods in its natural form. Our goal is to help kids enjoy trying new fruits and vegetables and seeing what mother nature has to offer us.

  • What will my child learn and cook?

The first thing your child will learn is proper kitchen safety, how to use safe tools to start doing basic prep work, even doing some chopping of foods! They will also learn to get familiar with proper hygiene, like washing their hands and avoiding contamination. Most importantly, they will have fun in each and every class. Before you know it, they will be teaching you how to make hummus, pasta sauce, granola bars, and all kinds of healthy treats!

  • What if my child doesn't like it what is made?

Preferences are great! On the other hand, sometimes picky eaters are afraid of the unknown! We will emphasize the importance of trying something new, and make this process hands on and fun. We will emphasize trying something once, letting us know how they would like it to taste, or how they can make it their own.

  • What are you hours?

Since we are mobile, and have flexible schedules, we are able to work around our customers’ schedules and accommodate your availability.

  • Do you cater outside of schools?

Yes we do! Everything is custom-made to order. Please contact us for more details.

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