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Eating Well Made Easy.

Our chef prepares your fresh and scrumptious meals that are never frozen. Don’t get too excited, that’s not even the best part! Your healthy meals are delivered straight to your door with our contactless free delivery method for your safety and ours.

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We encourage you now more than ever to continue to make your health a priority. 

Delicious Vegan Meals are prepared and packaged in insulated boxes, just unpack and place in the fridge till you are ready to heat and eat. The most convenient vegan meal service you’ll find.  Your ready-made vegan meals will be Fresh-every week!


Traditional Vegan:

The Meal For You to Cut out the Meat and Eat Clean. Organic Seasonal  Vegetables, Vegan Protein, Good for the Earth

  • Lunch (5 meals) $85.99

  • Dinner (5 meals) $94.99 

Low Carb Vegan:

The Meal to Cut the Carb and Cut the Meat. Packed with nutrient-dense and fiber-rich organic vegetables that will provide your body with all the protein it needs to nourish and fuel you without the carbs. 

  • Lunch ( 5 meals) $87.99

  • Dinner ( 5 meals) $97.99


Deliveries are made on Sundays only. There is a delivery fee based on distance.

A Menu* is posted Bi-Weekly on Mondays at 5pm. The last call for orders is Friday of that week at 2 pm  (*some menu items may repeat.)


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