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Sandra Maestas

I'm Changing the Stigma of Veganism.

There are two things I am most passionate about: teaching and food. I want to use my platform for something that is greater than myself. Sharing my love for vegan cooking with others has given me nothing but happiness and purpose! I don't want people to be intimidated by stigmas, labels, or even hard recipes. Cooking should be fun, expressive, and creative and I hope to ease some of your terrifying thoughts about Vegan foods by sharing my dishes with you and your guests.









You can always contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

I cater or teach for a variety of events that include small lunch or dinner parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, engagement ceremonies, team building exercises, and so much more.  Send me an inquiry to see how I can best accommodate your special occasion.


My goal is to help you create meals for any event that aren't just delicious but also healthy. Let me prove how Vegan Cuisine by Sandra Maestas can be a household name that inspires the whole family to see food in a different form.


Eating vegan doesn't mean your meals have to lack comfort and taste. I believe we are in this beautiful world to enjoy life and the natural foods that come from the earth. Through my Vegan Cuisine, I can help others improve and change their eating habits with one meal at a time. My goal is to inspire you to try plant-based foods and experience how delicious and rich in taste plant-based foods can be. I want people to feel happy about what they put in their bodies, whether they’re entirely plant-based, transitioning, or not, my hope is to help support your efforts.

Vegan Cuisine Classes:
- Private Class –  $175 up to 4 members and includes all ingredients (Runs about 2hrs, any time after the 2hrs will be charged at an hourly rate of $40/hr.)
- Private Cooking Party – $199 up to 10 chefs/guest, plus $50 for ingredients. (Runs about 2hrs, anytime after the 2hrs will be charged at an hourly rate of $90/hr.)
Fresh Juice Menu:


12oz - $6 | 16oz - $9 | 24oz - $12


Kick up your vitamin C intake, and replace your coffee with this tasty citrus juice. A mix of Oranges in
Season; Blood Oranges, Cara Oranges


Get your daily dose of greens with a hint of sweetness: Pineapple, Swiss Chard, Spinach,

Ginger, Green Bell Peppers.


Give your body the refresher it needs after a great workout with Pineapple, Kale Spinach and Ginger


Feeling under the weather and needs to get through the day? Boost your immune with Beets, Blueberries, and Ginger.

Private Catering:
- Private Catering rates start at $100 per hour. Please contact us to best accommodate your needs. 
Event Catering:
Take the guesswork out of planning your next big or small event by letting Vegan Cuisine cater for you. Choose from one of our delicious menu packages. Our menu is priced per person to ensure you have the right amount of food for your guests and you can always add on more menu items to any package. We offer catering options to fit any occasion including: weddings, meetings, private gatherings, and birthday parties.

Drop off catering is ideal for small or medium events that need great food but don't need full service. Our meals come ready to eat and can be delivered to your door. Delivery fee if outside the 91604 area.

Want us to set up and serve guest at your event? Vegan Cuisine can set up a buffet service style or you can have a plated menu for each guest.

We require 72 hours notice before the event.

-Waffles topped with strawberry or blueberry sauce.

(Request gluten free for $1 extra)

Serves 10 people, $75.* 

-Breakfast Sandwich:

layers of house made breakfast patty, spinach, and vegan egg.

-Roasted Potatoes & Chorizo with mushrooms & broccoli

Serves 10 people, $85.* 

-Fruit Platter (varies by season)

-Assorted Muffin Basket: (blueberry, chocolate zucchini, lemon poppy seed)

*Service and tax not included.

-Mini Chocolate

Cheesecakes Bites

-Whole or Mini Bundt Cakes (Meyer Lemon, Banana Crunch)

-Mylk & Cookies

-Baked Churros with

Dipping Sauce


Serves 10-12 people, $45.* 

*Service and tax not included.

Drop off Catering Option

Full Service Option

Breakfast Options

(Serves 10)




Option 1

-Gluten Free Quinoa Roasted Vegetable Salad: Roasted Broccoli, Yellow and Green Squash blended with an Herb Lime Dressing.

-Stuffed Chorizo Mushroom: Baby Bell Mushrooms stuffed with Chorizo and Herbs.

-Mini Sliders: Homemade Tropical infused Patty topped with Coleslaw

-Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

-Garlic and Herb Tater Tots

-Cucumber Pineapple Fresca

(7oz cups)


$18* per person.

*Service and tax not included

-Herb Roasted Lentil Salad

-Spinach & Sundried Grilled Cheese

-Grilled Veggie Wrap w/ house made hummus

-Patty Melt: Homemade Patty with Caramelized Onions topped with Mozzarella Cheese.

-House Made Chips: Purple Sweet Potato and Yucca.

-Cucumber Pineapple Fresca (7oz cups)


$18* per person.

*Service and tax not included

-Street Corn Salad: Char Grilled Corn, Cilantro, and Parsley with Smoky Seasoning.

-Carne Asada Meat: Grilled Seitan with Green Onions and Garlic.

-Black Bean Enchilada: Corn Tortilla filled with Black Beans and Cheese.

-Spanish Rice

-Slow Cooked Pinto Beans

-Chips and Guacamole

-Hibiscus Agua Fresca (7 oz cups)


$21* per person.

*Service and tax not included

-Jerk Jackfruit: Jackfruit marinated and slow cooked in Jerk Seasoning.

-Rasta Pasta: Creamy Pasta with a medley of Bell Peppers and Jerk Seasoning.

-Jamaican Rice & Peas: Slow Cooked Rice with Pigeon Peas.

-Roasted Ginger Broccoli


-Hibiscus Drink (7oz cups)

$21* per person.

*Service and tax not included


Option 2


Option 2


Option 1

Tel: (818) 396-7160  |  Email: Sandra@Cookinkiddos.Com
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